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Burglar Alarms

Residential Alarms


Crime is a fact of life and burglary rates are forever rising, at Principle Security we know the true emotional damage a burglary can cause, the emotional trauma that most victims are left with after a burglary can be emotionally challenging. That’s why at Principle Security we believe that security is of utmost importance and our alarm systems are an effective deterrent to burglars, our systems offer round-the-clock protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim. All our systems are bespoke and designed to fit our client’s individual needs, and our support packages are tailored to your requirements, Principle Security systems are all insurance approved and will reduce you homes premiums as an added bonus.

Every Principle Security wireless alarm system uses the latest technology and offers round the clock alarm monitoring completely free of charge, so no need to feel like protecting your home means expensive ongoing contracts and commitments. Call our specialist team today and see why were regarded as one of the best in your area! Free home surveys arranged, we only send technicians and not salesmen like most alarm companies and we guarantee to beat any quotation.

Commercial Alarms


Over 50% of small and medium sized businesses at some point have been targeted by crime, causing long lasting damage, both emotional and financial, which can be very damaging and cause long term financial problems. That’s why protecting your business has never been so important, and ensuring you have the right security solution that works for your business and keeps you compliant with your insurance has never been so important. At Principle Security we provide burglar alarm systems that offer complete peace of mind, so when your business day ends our job begins, ensuring your business is safeguarded overnight with our insurance approved range of systems, let your business security be our concern, call one of our experts today and see what we can do for you.

Business alarm monitoring services are available and completely free of charge, so don’t allow your business to be talked into lengthy alarm monitoring contracts, speak with us today and see where were different from the rest, our team guarantee to beat any quotation you bring to us on both systems and monitoring .

Pet Tolerant Alarms


Most people believe having a pet means they cannot have an alarm system, as pets continually set off the alarms. At Principle Security we provide pet tolerant systems that are able to monitor everything else in your property other than your pet, ensuring that your home security is never lapse, our intelligent systems offer above and beyond what most systems do on the market today, our pet tolerance comes at no extra cost, so don’t believe that by owning a pet means expensive alarms. Call one of our highly experienced engineers today and see how we can help you, all our advise is free and so are our home survey reports.

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